With the arrival of singer Alex SCARNIVAL herald a new era in their
band history: With their second album „The Hell Within“, mixed in
the legendary Studio Fredman/Obsidian Recording Studios in Go-
thenburg by Robert Kukla.

Founded in 2009 by the devoted musicians Chris, Gerrit, Henna,
Niklas and Max SCARNIVAL released their acclaimed self titled
debut in 2012. The band’s modern Melodic Death Metal, in the begin-
ning clearly rooted in the style of the swedish top dogs of the scene
like At the Gates, In Flames and Soilwork didn’t fail to excite both the
press and the crowd at numerous live concerts in Europe.

With the release of their debut album „The Art of Suffering“ SCARNI-
VAL established their very own blend of these traditional elements
with a modern „in your face riffing“ that created hits like the albums
title track „The Art of Suffering“ or „Watch me“ – a collaboration with
Soilwork’s very own Björn „Speed“ Strid. Following the release of
their debut album „The Art of Suffering“ in 2015 SCARNIVAL shared
the stage with Arch Enemy, Annihilator, Ektomorf, Debauchery,
Rage, Tankard, Cripper, Vader and many more of the band’s heroes.
With their sophomore album in work and their new singer Alex wai-
ting in the wings SCARNIVAL is about to go for new horizons in
2021/2022 again.


She said, he said, bullshit

Time For Metal – 9,1 Punkte

SCARNIVAL – The Hell Within (2023) 9/10
Metal Hammer 5/7 4,5/5 9/10
be subjective! 4/5 9/10
XXL Rock 6/7 9/10

SCARNIVAL – The Art Of Suffering (2015)